How to Grind Coffee for the Perfect Cup

Burr grinders are undoubtedly one of the best ways to grind your coffee beans. The control you get with a burr grinder allows a precise and even grind for any type of coffee from espresso to French press. A consistent grind is essential for extracting all of the beans natural oils.

hario burr grinder

Using a burr grinder is super easy and will make the most consistent grind for any type of coffee maker. This method of grinding takes a bit longer, but is worth it for the quality of ground coffee. Burr grinders use a gap adjustment for fine to coarse grind. Simply unscrew the top knob on the handle, turn the adjustment clockwise for a finer grind and turn the adjustment counter-clockwise for a coarser grind.


coffee grindUSING A FINE GRIND:

A fine grind is used when making espresso and when using a stove top moka espresso pot. To get a fine grind using your burr grinder, turn the adjustment all the way to the right (clockwise) to tighten the adjustment gap.



A medium grind is normally used when making drip coffee, using a syphon coffee maker, and when using vacuum pots. In order to get a medium grind, turn the adjustment so that it is a medium tightness (not fully tightened to the right and not fully loosened to the left).



A coarse grind is used when making pour over coffee and French press coffee. To get a coarse grind, loosen the adjustment gap counter-clockwise.


If you want the perfect coffee, and have your favourite bean, you just need the perfect grind.